Shared Purpose Drives Collaboration

A Shared Purpose drives student collaboration!

This week, one of the quotes that we read was from “The Little Prince.”  It says:

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work but rather, teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

This powerful quote reminds us what our job really should be as educators.  Instead of just throwing information at kids we need to teach them how to think for themselves, and how to collaborate with others in order to achieve maximum results. Sharing “WITH” and not “for” is the key.  Sharing, so that the team is driven to reach success, even if it doesn’t have all of the tools.  

That’s really our job as educators. 

In the end teaching shouldn’t be something we do TO kids, or even FOR kids, but it’s something we should do WITH kids…

Kids should drive our instruction.  In order to get the implications of “creativity, strong decision making, effective communication, collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking,” students need to be fully invested and also feel connected to their peers.  This connection doesn’t happen over night.  In my classroom, we call this room our “school family.”  Students who care about one another are so much more likely to work effectively together.

In the end, shared learning is something that is meaningful, encourages connection, and ignites passion for life-long learning. One of the prime tasks of any organization is to be able to bring together diverse personalities and various talents into a single unit or team and achieve positive, productive results.  I associate this entire methodology to STEM.  In every design challenge my kids must act as Engineers to overcome whatever obstacles come their way.

 That’s really what shared purpose is all about…   


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