Reflections, 1/25-1/31


  1. The state of participating.
  2. The state of being related to a larger whole.

This week, when asked to participate in something, I attended my usual Yoga class.  I participate in yoga several times a week, for many reasons.  I love fitness, and going to yoga is a great workout!  More importantly, though, attending yoga reminds me that I am part of a whole.  I am part of the Yoga community, the Hotbox Community, and the Manayunk Community.

How does this connect to “Equity and Connected Learning?”  I gain something each time I practice.  I connect with myself, but also those around me.  I am in a room, sweating and flowing for 75 minutes alongside of others who WANT to be there.  Others who share the same interest as I do.  On the website of my studio, the owner has his mission statement posted, which I cut and copied below.

“Our mission is to build a loving community, create a space to find true strength, and foster the growth of vitality and limitless possibility.  Our intention is to give you an inspiring and transformational experience that leaves you empowered. Within our Philadelphia yoga community we will sweat, smile, surrender and have lots of fun together along the way.”

The mission statement matches the way I feel when I participate.  The feeling of community and being connected is empowering, since we all share the common interest. I think this matches what students feel when they have the opportunity to partake in self-driven, self-interest opportunities.  They find a community in which they feel part of, and can work alongside others to share the joys.  I know in Yoga, I rely on the others near me. I use them as motivation, and communicate with them in a variety of ways.  Sometimes, my peers in class help me with a pose.  Other times, the peers in class share a quote or a thought that inspires me, and makes me think beyond my own thoughts.  By definition, participating in Yoga relates me to a much larger whole.


One thought on “Reflections, 1/25-1/31

  1. Well put! The word that came to my mind as I was reading your post was “community.” Things are easier when we participate in a community. I meditate on my own each day, but on some sort of regular basis, I travel to a certain meditation center to sit in silence with others, because even in that environment, it helps to be with other people. Working at school is no different. We benefit from being and talking with others in our teaching community.


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